Mind the Baby Mr Bean feelings vocabulary worksheet

Mime or draw the feelings below and see if your partner can guess which one it is.

confused                                                                     excited

upset                                                                           surprised/ shocked

angry/ furious                                                              dizzy

hungry/ starving                                            thirsty

sick/ ill                                                                         annoyed/ irritated

anxious/ worried/ stressed/ nervous                          scared/ frightened/ afraid

calm/ unstressed/ relaxed                                          bored/ uninterested

interested                                                                    amused

sleepy/ tired/ exhausted                                impatient

disappointed                                                                disgusted

relieved                                                          impressed

Continue, but competing to produce the best picture or facial expression.


You are going to watch a video about Mr Bean looking after a baby in an amusement park. Which things above do you think the baby will feel? And Mr Bean? And the people around Mr Bean?


Can you guess how any of the words below might be connected to the film? Can you make sentences using more than one word from the list?


pram                                                                            tiptoe

policeman’s helmet                                                     squeak

bark                                                                             lead/ chain

bumper cars                                                               accelerator

laugh/ giggle/ chuckle                                                 steering wheel

upside down                                                                cry/ tears

van                                                                              rollercoaster

scream                                                          noisy

bow and arrow                                              smelly

spin                                                                             nappy/ diaper

hold your breath                                            bottom

poo                                                                              teddy bear

rip/ tear                                                          cheating

darts                                                                            goldfish

swallow                                                         leak

cheeks                                                                        throat

bingo                                                                           win

tail                                                                                spit

goldfish bowl                                                               plastic bag

balloon                                                          shoot

fly/ float in the air                                           pencil sharpener

hide                                                                             steal/ snatch


Ask your teacher for the meaning of any words you don’t understand.


As you watch the film, put up your hand if you think you can make a true sentence using any of the words above (including the feelings language at the top)? You get one point for each correct sentence but lose one point if you make a wrong sentence. You can only use each word once during the film, so tick each word off as someone uses it.


Design an amusement park or theme park. Include things that make you:


Frightened/ scared/ afraid




Calm/ unstressed/ relaxed

Surprised/ shocked



Laugh/ giggle/ chuckle

You can also include places you can go if you are:



Tired/ sleepy/ exhausted


And places where you can:

Fly/ float in the air

Rip/ tear things

Change nappies/ diapers

Buy balloons or go up in a balloon

Win, see or buy goldfish

Shoot a bow and arrow or something else


PDF version for easy saving and printing: mindthebabymrbeanvocab

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