Medicine discussion questions

IELTS Graduation Unit 4

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Debate them with your partners

“One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine”.

There is far too much pill popping in modern society

It’s often better to ask your neighbourhood pharmacist rather than your doctor

You should take treatment of minor complaints into your own hands

You should go to the doctor after any dizzy spells

The side-effects mean that it is best to avoid all medicines if at all possible

A physician should be an advisor, not someone who orders you to do things

Malpractice litigation has a bad influence on medical care

Television commercials can be a useful source of medical information

Over-the-counter medicines can also have bad side effects, but people assume they are safe because you don’t need a prescription

Informed patients can be a powerful force for change when it comes to medical practices 

 Useful phrases

In my (personal) experience,…

It is (widely) believed/ assumed that…

Some/ Many/ The (vast) majority of people think that/ claim that…

It is (often) claimed that/ said that…

I can see both sides/ There are things to be said on both sides (of the argument). On the one hand…

With some reservations, I’d (probably) say that…

It could be said that…/ There could be a case for saying that… 

Do the same with these statements about chocolate

Chocolate could boost concentration

Chocolate makes us feel better

Chocolate is good for stress

Chocolate does not give you spots

Chocolate makes you live longer

Chocolate is nutritious

Chocolate boosts the appetite

Chocolate helps us digest milk

Chocolate can make you more alert


PDF for easy saving and printing: medicine discussion questions 

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