Going to Travel mimes and useful phrases

Worksheet 1- Going to travel mimes

Choose one of the actions below and very slowly mime the lead up to the action only. So that the future tense sentence is correct, do not start doing the thing written below but only the time before it, e.g. you can mime squeezing a bottle on sun cream into your hands and taking your clothes off your shoulders but stop before the sun cream actually touches your shoulders.

You’re going to sleep on the plane.

You’re going to put some sun block/ suntan lotion (= sun cream) onto your shoulders

You’re going to walk through a metal detector.

You’re going to dive into a swimming pool.

You’re going to give gifts to your host family.

You’re going to start eating your in flight meal.

You’re going to watch an in flight movie.

You’re going to get off the plane.

You’re going to call the air stewardess/ cabin crew/ air hostess.

You’re going to put your hand luggage into the overhead lockers.

You’re going to sunbathe.

You’re going to speak to someone in a language you don’t know using a phrasebook.

You’re going to pay the bill in a restaurant.

The plane’s going to land.

You’re going to be searched.

You’re going to put your jacket through the X ray machine.

Your luggage is going to be searched.

There’s going to be an emergency landing/ The plane is going to crash

You’re going to SCUBA dive.

You’re going to go hiking/ mountain climbing/ rock climbing.

You’re going to pick up your luggage from the carousel after the flight.

You’re going to meet a new business contact at the airport and drive them to your company.

You’re going to sleep in a tent.

It’s going to start raining.

You’re going to walk through a stream or river.

You’re going to take a cab (= taxi)

You’re suitcase isn’t going to close (= shut, e.g. because it’s too full)

You’re going to read a book on the plane.

You’re going to do a bungee jump

You’re going to see a dolphin show

You’re going to exchange some travellers’ cheques

You’re going to buy something from the airplane duty free catalogue

You’re going to enter a hot spring bath

You’re going to check out of your hotel room

You’re going to change some currency


Going to travel language

Worksheet 2- Typical travel phrases

Write what is going to happen after each of the following things are said in a restaurant, plane, hotel or airport. There is one example in bold below.

“Please turn off all electrical equipment” The plane is going to land or take off

“Raise your arms”

“Take all keys and coins out of your pockets”

“Would you like to see the dessert menu?/ Would you like anything else?” “No…”

“(Would you like) meat or fish/ beef or chicken?”

“Please stay seated until the plane comes to a complete standstill”

“Please have your boarding card and passport ready”

“Take all laptops out of your bags”

“Business or pleasure?”/ “What’s the purpose of your visit?”

“This is the final call for flight BD 4566 to Seattle”

“The temperature at our destination is a pleasant 23 degrees Centigrade”

“Please put your jacket onto the belt too”

“Even if you are a regular traveller, please listen carefully to the following announcement for your own safety”

“…we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

“Please remain seated until your seat number is called.”

“I’m afraid we have been put into a holding pattern”

“Sorry, can I get past?”

“Please open all the blinds.”

“Please put your seats into an upright position”


“Can I have another blanket?”

“I’m sorry sir, this suitcase is over the 23 kilogram limit”

“Did you have anything from the mini bar?”

“Asiana Airlines is at Desk A”


PDF for easy saving and printing: GoingToTravelMimesPhrases

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