TPR in adult classes

Updated 19 May 2015

Although TPR (Total Physical Response) started as a methodology for teaching adults, it is nowadays mainly used as a way of talking about movement in young learner classes. The aim of my latest article and the worksheets below is to bring that movement back into the adult classes where it also belongs:

New article

Movement in adult classes

Older articles

15 TEFL games with miming/ TPR

15 physical games that also work well with adults

Worksheets (including for IELTS, ESP, many tenses, phrasal verbs, idioms, telephoning, social English phrases, and cultural training)


Body language and gestures cultural training page


Present tenses

New Present Continuous miming worksheets page (also including making sounds)

Table manners Present Simple and Continuous mimes

Xmas Present Simple Present Continuous mimes

Food and drink cultural differences mimes

Food and drink actions Present Continuous mimes

Past tenses

Travel English Past Continuous mimes

Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 and 2 Past Continuous mimes

Xmas and New Year past tenses mimes

Future tenses

Going to Travel mimes and useful phrases

Countable and uncountable going to travel mimes

Going to and will Xmas mimes

Other tenses

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous mimes

Xmas and New Year tense review mimes

Other uses of miming

Phrases for negotiations mimes, brainstorming and key words – NEW

Discussion skills phrases miming game

Phrasal verb mimes

Body idioms mimes pairwork

Language of trends miming game (great for Business and IELTS classes)

Technical English mimes

Everyday English social expressions mimes

Medical English mimes

Other uses of movement

Bad habits Past Continuous

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3 Responses to TPR in adult classes

  1. Charles says:

    thanks alex. where can i find other adult worksheets which follow krashen’s (natural aquisition) theory but are not TPR or miming? many thanks

  2. alexcase says:

    Hi Charles

    Neither an expert on nor much of a fan of Krashen, I’m afraid. What might such a worksheet be like??

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