Time zones Present Simple and Continuous

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 1

Choose one of the countries below (or another country that you know or can more or less guess the time zone of) and say what people there are probably doing now and what their routines and habits are until your partner guesses which country you are talking about

12 hours behind/ ahead of Korea

Parts of Brazil

Nine hours behind Korea

The United Kingdom                     Ireland                              Iceland

Eight hours behind Korea

Austria                                            Belgium                                         Algeria

The Czech Republic                     Denmark                                       Nigeria

France                                            Germany                                       The Vatican

Italy                                                                The Netherlands                           Switzerland

Norway                                           Spain

Seven hours behind Korea

Finland                                           Greece                                          Zimbabwe

Turkey                                             Egypt                                             South Africa


Six hours behind Korea

Saudi Arabia                                               Iraq                                                 Kenya


Five hour behind Korea

Oman                                                            The UAE

Four hours behind Korea

Pakistan                                                       The Maldives

Three hours behind Korea


Two hours behind Korea

Cambodia                                                    Thailand                                        Vietnam

One hour behind Korea

Hong Kong                                                   Malaysia                                        The Philippines

Mongolia                                                      Singapore                                      Taiwan

The same as South Korea

Japan                                                           North Korea                                   Parts of Siberia


One hour ahead of South Korea

Most of Australia

Three hours ahead of South Korea

New Zealand

5 hours ahead of Korea


9 hours ahead of Korea

Parts of Mexico                             Easter Island (Chile)

10 hours ahead of Korea

The Bahamas                                Colombia                                       Cuba

Haiti                                                              Jamaica                                         Peru

11 hours ahead of Korea

Barbados                                                     Quebec (Canada)                         Bermuda


Discussion questions

How does the way we spend our time vary around the world? How is that different in your country and other countries you know or know about?

Things to consider:

  • Work
  • Studies
  • Sleep
  • Leisure (sports, hobbies, etc)
  • Media and the arts
  • Housework
  • Food and drink
  • Different generations

Read the text on pages 8 and 9 and see if they mention and similarities and differences that you mentioned. What was the most surprising piece of information?

What things in the text are similar to and different from your own country, do you think?

Find similarities and differences between you and your partner connected to the same topics

Useful language

I guess/ I think/ I’m pretty sure that/ I’m certain that…

Everyone/ Almost everyone/ The majority of people (= Most people)/ Lots of people/ Some people…

At this time/ Around now

Always/ Almost always/ Very often/ Often/ Sometimes/ Rarely/ Hardly ever/ Almost never/ Never


PDF for easy saving and printing: TimeZonesPresentSimpleContinuous

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