Needs analysis and language learning rules

Modals of obligation and permission New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 11

English classes
Present Past Future
Other English study (e.g. self study)
Present Past Future
Using English at work/ university
Present Past Future
Using English outside work/ university
Present Past Future
English language exams
Past Future
Problems communicating in English
Present Past Future
Priorities (inside and outside class)
The best ways of improving your English (inside and outside class)

Give your partner advice on how to improve their English, particularly their priorities. Try to agree statements about language learning using the sentence stems below: Students shouldn’t __________________________________________________ in class.   Students shouldn’t be allowed to _______________________________________ in class.   Students should be allowed to _________________________________________ in class.   You don’t have to _________________________________________________________ in class (because you can do that outside class).   Students must _____________________________________________________ in class.   You should ___________________________________________________ outside class.   You must _____________________________________________________ outside class.   Decide on rules and advice for this class. Students have to _______________________________________________________.   Students must _________________________________________________________.   Students should ________________________________________________________.   Students are allowed to __________________________________________________.   Students aren’t allowed to ________________________________________________.   Students shouldn’t ______________________________________________________.   Students don’t have to __________________________________________________.   The teacher should _____________________________________________________.   The teacher must ______________________________________________________.   The teacher has to _____________________________________________________.   The teacher shouldn’t ___________________________________________________.   The teacher mustn’t ____________________________________________________.   The teacher doesn’t have to ________________________________________________.   The teacher can _________________________________________________________. ——————————— PDF version for easy saving and printing: needs analysis and language learning rules

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