Meetings and negotiations vocabulary definitions game

Choose one of the words or expressions that you know or think you can guess the meaning of and explain what it means without using any of the words in that box until your partner guesses which one it is.


Digressions/ Rambling One to one Stick to the point Insist
Compromise Agenda Minutes Notes
Kick off Get the ball rolling Action points Small talk/ Chit chat
Pointless/ Waste of time Minute-taker Tactful/ Diplomatic Venue
Productive/ Worthwhile AGM/ Annual meeting Interrupt Split vote
Casting vote Unanimous Quorum A show of hands
PowerPoint (slide) Laser pointer A.O.B Chair/ chairman/ chairperson
Deadlock Win-win (solution) Sticking point To haggle/ bargain
Verbal contract/ Oral contract Binding contract Employment contract Bargaining power
Non-negotiable Outstanding issue Regular meeting Counter-proposal
Bring forward Postpone Action minutes Concession
Goodwill gesture Renegotiate Fallback position Supplier
Face to face Teleconference Video conference Board room
Informal meeting Toilet/ Fag/ Coffee break Consensus Ultimatum
Bluff Final offer Overrun Item (on the agenda)
Finalize Brainstorm Brief Overview
Objective(s)/ Aim(s) Common ground Introductions Participant
Persuade/ Persuasive Recap (Final) decision/ Decisive Reconvene
Longwinded Board meeting Absent Attend

What’s the difference between each pair of words below?

Argument/ Discussion

Agenda/ Diary

Minutes/ Notes

A note/ A memo

Try to answer the questions below with vocabulary from above or any other words and expressions you know:

What’s the opposite of the word or words below?

Digressions/ Rambling

Start the meeting


Attend a meeting


Soften your position/ Compromise

Face to face

Which of the words and expressions above are relevant to your own experience of meetings and negotiations? Which ones are likely to be more relevant in the future? Try to make sentences which are true for both you and your partner.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Meetings and negotiations vocabulary definitions game

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