CPE reported speech key word sentence transformations

For the questions below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight words, including the word given.

  1. Julie made mention of the budget when she spoke to the board.


Julie ________________________ subject of the budget when she spoke to the board.


  1. The CEO said that, as far as she knows, no one else was involved in the insider trading.


The CEO said that ______________________________________________________ no one else was involved in the insider trading.


  1. Harold said “My family were surprised when they found out that I was an alcoholic”.


Harold said that his ______________________________________________ to his family.


  1. The salesman said “You don’t have to pay; you can stay for free and decide afterwards”.


The timeshare salesman said that we ________________________________________ pay and could stay for free and decide afterwards.


  1. The broker said “Our analysts are extremely confident that the government can end the recession”.


The broker said that their ___________________________________ to end the recession.


  1. Their father said “The painting looks nothing like our house”.


Their father complained that the painting _________________________________ house.


  1. There is a rumour that they have got divorced but haven’t told anyone.


It __________________________________________________ but haven’t told anyone.


  1. The judge told the man “It is only because of your repentance that you have escaped jail”.


The judge said that had _______________________________________ have gone to jail.


  1. In his acceptance speech, he didn’t mention owing his success to his wife.


He _____________________________ his success to his wife in his acceptance speech.


  1. This message clearly says that you can publish the article. .


The poster makes _________________________________________ publish the article.


  1. “The level of noise makes it difficult to concentrate,” Sue said.


Sue explained to me that it ________________________________ it hard to concentrate.


  1. We ask passengers not to leave their seats until the aircraft has come to a complete standstill.


Passengers ________________________ until the aircraft comes to a complete standstill.


  1. “It’s none of your business who I go out with,” Dilly told her brother.


Dilly informed her brother that who she ______________________________________his.


  1. They gave Juan the impression that he would be promoted.


Juan ________________________________________________ he would be promoted.


Suggested answers

OR means two or more answers are possible. / divides the two points for each question. You must have exactly the words on that side of the / to get that point. If names are included, you must have those names (to actually keep the meaning the same as the original sentence). Note that all answers should be written in just capital letters in the exam.

  1. brought/ up the
  2. to the best/ of her knowledge
  3. came/ as a surprise
  4. were under no/ obligation to
  5. analysts have OR had every confidence/ in the government’s ability
  6. bore no /resemblance/ to their
  7. is rumoured (that) they have/ obtained a divorce
  8. it not been/ for his repentance, he OR she OR they would
  9. made no reference/ to owing
  10. it clear that you/ have the right to
  11. was the level of noise which/ made
  12. are asked/ to remain seated
  13. went out with was no/ concern of his
  14. was led OR given/ to believe (that)


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