Lift Off/ Take Off games/ worksheets

Supplementary materials for Saxoncourt Higher Elementary textbooks. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 30 December 2019

Lift Off 1/ Take Off 1 games/ worksheets

Adjectives and prepositions pick and draw drawing game (with vocab from Lift Off 1)

How many are there pick and draw drawing game (with vocab from Lift Off 1)

This that slapping game (Lift Off 1 Units 1 to 9)

Possessive, body and adjectives pick and draw (Lift Off 1 Unit 12)

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Lift Off 2/ Take Off 2 games/ worksheets

Present Continuous plasticine shapes games (Unit 15) – NEW

Xmas vocabulary categories activities (it is and they are, for Unit 16) – NEW

It is and They are with adjectives Xmas pick and draw game (Unit 16) – NEW

Present Continuous and like with ing Xmas questions games (Unit 15) – NEW

Basic question formation dice game (Unit 10 and Unit 20)

Lift Off 3/ Take Off 3 games/ worksheets

Basic question formation dice game(Unit 10)