Incredible English 2 Guess the person

Units 1 to 6

Write things in at least ten sentences below

I like ______________________ and __________________________

I don’t like ______________________________________________

My favourite dairy food is ___________________________________

I _____________________________________________ sausages

My _________________________________________ is a rectangle

I can ___________________________________________________

I can’t _________________________________________________

I __________________________________________ a skateboard

I __________________________________________ a skipping rope

I _______________________________________________ parrots

I ______________________________________________ giraffes

I’ve got four ______________________________________________

I’ve got a ________________________________________________

I haven’t got _______________________________________________

My chair in this classroom is ________________________ a window

The sofa in my house is ___________________________________

I’ve got ___________________________________ in my bedroom

My friend’s name is _______________________________________

I have _____________________ brothers and ____________ sisters

I ____________________________________________ on Saturday

I ____________________________________________ on Sunday

Take a page from someone else and read out clues until your classmates guess who it is.


PDF version for easy printing: Incredible English 2 Guess the person

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