Twins separated at birth Alibi game

New Cutting Edge Int Module 4

With your partner, imagine you are identical twins separated at birth who have 10 remarkable similarities. Decide what those imaginary similarities are. They should be unusual but believable.

Suggestions for similarities

Length of time you’ve been doing the same thing

Number of times you’ve done certain things


Major changes in your life




Foreign travel

Living abroad

Moving house


Hobbies and interests

Clothes and jewellery


Food and drink


Ages when you did certain things



Health problems and injuries


Join another group, who will ask you questions for 5 minutes to try and find the ten similarities between you and your identical twin. If they ask a question you hadn’t thought about, make up your answers but make sure they are different to your partner. After 5 minutes, work with your partner to ask the other group questions to try and find their 10 similarities.

Discussion questions/ link to pg 42 and 43

Which things that the other group you worked with chose seem believable as similarities between identical twins separated at birth? Which ones are impossible?

Do you know any twins? How are they similar? Are these things because of genetic factors or because of how their parents brought them up?

How are your siblings similar to and different from you?

How do you take after your parents?

What kinds of personalities are genetic, do you think?

What questions could you ask to find someone’s personality without being too direct?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: twinsalibigame

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