Compare your FCE Writing Part Two articles

FCE Writing Part Two and Speaking Part Two

FCE Result Unit 12

Read your partner’s homework and work your way through the tasks below.

1. Find similarities and differences between the articles

Useful language

(almost exactly/ practically/ almost) the same

(surprisingly/ very/ quite) similar

(quite/ very/ completely) different

… in terms of/ because

The most obvious/ most striking/ biggest/ most important/ only difference/ similarity

An obvious/ A striking/ An important/ A substantial/ A slight difference/ similarity

(slightly/ considerably/ substantially/ a great deal/ much) _______ er/ more_____

another similarity/ difference…

… but/ whereas/ However

both/ neither

Possible topics:

Content (i.e. topics/ information you included)

Paragraphing/ Organisation

Starting and ending

Style (e.g. formality/ informality)


Difficulties writing it

Time spent on different things (planning, editing, etc)

2. Which ideas in your partner’s article do you agree with? Which is the best ideas?

3. Are there any ideas which you aren’t sure about or disagree with?

4. Can you think of any other good ideas?


Without looking above, brainstorm phrases to talk about similarities and differences.

Use those phrases to compare two photos from FCE Speaking Part Two.

Brainstorm language for speculating on what a photo shows, how the people in it feel, etc.

Use all that language to talk about the photos that are with the first reading in Unit 12.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Compare your FCE Writing Part Two articles

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