Education trends

What are the past, present and future trends for these things in your country? Choose one topic and see if your partner agrees with your description.

Academic standards


Dropping out of uni

English-medium courses/ Use of English in universities

Entrance requirements/ The difficulty of entering university

Fees/ The cost of education

Foreign students

Funding/ Scholarships


Mature students


Number of hours studied at school/ university/ Length of the school week

People taking undergraduate degrees (percentage and overall numbers)

Postgraduate study

Pre-school education

Respect for teachers

Skipping school

Students working part time

Study of English

Study of other languages

Studying abroad

Use of cram schools

Use of student halls

Use of technology in education

What phrases can you use to talk about trends?

With a partner, brainstorm at least two phrases into each of the categories below.

Upward trends


Downward trends


Going up and down


Not changing


Big changes


Small changes



PDF version for easy saving and printing: education trends

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