FCE Speaking Part Four on the topic of health

Complete First Unit 11 

Ask around three questions from below to your partner, then change roles and answer their questions from below. You can also ask follow-up questions like “Why do you feel that way?” to extend the discussion.

Do you think children should stay at home when they get sick?

Do you think it’s good for the government to tell people how to be healthier?

Why do you think alternative medicine is popular?

How important is getting exercise, do you think?

What can you do to stop getting colds?

More and more people are worried about food safety these days. Why do you think this is?

What is the best way to relax when you feel stressed?

Is it a good thing for children to wear masks to protect themselves from flu?

Do you think having regular health checks is always a good thing?

Do you think it’s a good idea to have an influenza vaccination every year?

Are there times when it’s better to treat yourself rather than going to the doctor?

What do you think the disadvantages of herbal medicine are?

What do you think the advantages of regular massages are?

At what age do you think children should be allowed to decide how much exercise they do?

Why do you think some people are so interested in talking about their health problems?

Ask your teacher about any questions above that you couldn’t understand or couldn’t answer.

Ask other questions with the parts in bold above.

Discuss some Writing Part One essay questions on the same topic in the same way.


PDF for easy saving and printing: FCE Speaking Part Four on the topic of health

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