Present Continuous and like with ing Xmas questions

Take Off 2 Unit 15/ Lift Off 2 Unit 15

Like with Xmas and New Year vocabulary make me say yes

Ask “Do you like…?” questions about Xmas and New Year like those below, trying to get “Yes” answers. You get one point for each time your partner says “Yes, I do”. You get no points for “No, I don’t” and “I don’t know” answers.

Ask about any questions below you don’t understand, answering the question each time.

Xmas Present Continuous mimes

Watch your partner miming one of the actions below and asking “Are you… ing (…)?” until they say “Yes, I am”. Switch roles and do the same again until your teacher stops you.


Do you like

Are you

buying presents?

cleaning the house?

cooking Christmas dinner?

cracking nuts?/ eating nuts?

cutting a turkey?/ carving a turkey?

cutting the Christmas cake?

eating Christmas dinner?

eating Christmas pudding?

eating chocolates?

eating mince pies?

eating roast potatoes?

feeding a reindeer?/ feeding a carrot to a reindeer?

getting presents from Santa?

hanging a Christmas stocking?

hanging Christmas decorations?/ hanging a wreath?

listening to Christmas music?

making a gingerbread house?

making a snowman?

making Christmas decorations?

making snowballs?/ throwing snowballs?

opening an advent calendar?

opening champagne?/ drinking champagne?

opening presents?

playing Christmas songs?

popping party poppers?

pulling crackers?

putting a carrot nose on a snowman?

putting a hat on a snowman?

putting a scarf on a snowman?

putting buttons on a snowman?

riding on Santa’s sleigh?

singing New Year songs?/ singing Auld Lang Syne?

singing Christmas songs?/ Christmas caroling?


sledding?/ sledging?/ sleighing?/ tobogganing?

spraying fake snow (on windows)?

waking up on December 25th?

wearing a Santa hat?/ wearing a paper hat?

wrapping presents?
writing Christmas cards?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Present Continuous and like with ing Xmas questions

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