Opposites games, worksheets, stories and songs for EFL learners

Around 50 pdfs and teaching ideas for words with opposite meanings. If you like anything here and would like me to have time to put up more, please support TEFLtastic

Teaching opposites articles

How to teach opposites – LINK UPDATED

Classroom activities for teaching opposites (with many game ideas) – LINK UPDATED

The two opposites blocks games in the 17th section of this article – LINK UPDATED

Lists of opposites

List of useful opposites (of appearance, personality, feelings, describing objects, describing places, other adjectives, verbs, phrasal verbs and other multiword verbs, prepositions and directions, relationships, time expressions, etc – at the end of this article)

Photocopiable opposites classroom activities for EFL learners

Dealing with disagreement chairing meetings and opposites practice  (in this very cheap e-book)

Prefixes with opposite meanings jigsaw

Feelings opposites ask and tell coin game

Appearance opposites games (including drawing games, miming games, reversi and, coin game and roleplays)

When everything was the wrong way round, an opposites story

Personality opposites miming games

Character words with negative prefixes games (jigsaw and speaking)

Adjectives for describing objects opposites games

Character words opposites roleplays

Personality adjectives card games

When everything was the wrong way round, an opposites story

Opposites roleplays

Adjective opposites drawing game

Phrasal verb opposites reversi memory game

Prefixes with opposite meanings discussion and presentation

Affixes with opposite meanings reversi game

Is it Dark? Is it Light? (guessing game based on a great picture book – see below – but useable without)

Opposites hangman spelling and guessing game (with big list of basic opposites and opposites tennis warmer game)

Adjective opposites stations

Big and small classroom objects pictionary

Things your body does opposites

Make the noise of transport plus adjective

Meetings on the topic of problems (with adjective opposites)

Opposites songs for EFL learners

Open Shut Them and Opposites on Super Simple Songs (with good TPR actions, and easy to make your own verses or get students to do so)

Opposites opposites, like different is to same song (students can try to think of the opposites before they flash up, hopefully in real time after a couple of attempts)

Sesame Street opposites song (ditto)

Opposites picture books/ Opposites stories for EFL learners

When everything was the wrong way round, an opposites story

Opposites by Robert Crowther (with great sliding bits and pictures which really make the meaning clear)

Are Elephants Tiny? (get students to answer the questions and then turn the pages to find the answers)

Is it Dark? Is it Light? (plus loads of other opposites, some quite high level, with a good ending – see here for a related worksheet useable with or without the book)

Fast Slow High Low by Peter Spier (with a funny back page where they are all wrong)

Quiet Loud, Yummy Yucky, and Big Little by Leslie Patricelli (only those two opposites in each book, but lots of useful nouns too, and could get students to make up similar stories for other pairs of adjectives with opposite meanings)

Me Myself from Apricot Books (personality adjectives only, with good final page where students do the actions)

Related pages

Adjectives main page

Personality words page

Feelings vocabulary page

Describing people page

Appearance vocabulary page

Describing places page

Updated 23 July 2022

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