Environmental collocations First Conditional pelmanism


Make true First Conditional sentences with at least two of the cards below. You can put two words in one clause if you like (e.g. ‘air’ + ‘pollution’ in “If air pollution gets worse, the government will have to change the law”), leaving you free to say anything you like in the other clause. If your partners accept that your sentence is (probably) true, or you can persuade them it is true, you get to keep the cards and score two points.  

The cards can be spread over the table face up, or spread over the table face down for the more challenging actual “pelmanism” game.

Collocations practice

Spread all the cards face-up across the table and try to put them together to make collocations, meaning words that often go next to each other like “recycled” + “paper”. It should be possible to match up all the cards. Sometimes more than one match is possible with a word, but there is probably only one way of matching up all the cards.

Look at the worksheet below to check your answers.

Environmental vocabulary word formation practice

Without looking at the cards, try to remember or think of other forms of the words given.  

bottle (n) – __________________________________________________________(adj)


emit (v) – ______________________________________________________________(n)


consume (v) – ___________________________________________________ (n, person)


behave (v) – ___________________________________________________________(n)


dispose (v)/ disposal (n) – _______________________________________________(adj)


manufacture (v)/ manufacturing (n) – ________________________(n, person or company)


danger (n) – __________________________________________________________(adj)


efficient (adj) – _________________________________________________________(n)


environment (n) – ______________________________________________________(adj)


globe (n) – ___________________________________________________________(adj)


govern (v) – ___________________________________________________________ (n)


subsidise (v) – __________________________________________________________(n)


populate (v) – __________________________________________________________ (n)


Check your answers with the cards.

Cards to cup up/ Suggested answers

 The words are put in collocations below, so please shuffle before giving out the cut-up packs of cards.



pollution alternative fuels


cans artificial light


water carbon emissions


change consumer behaviour
cut down


trees disposable razor


car electronics manufacturer


species energy efficiency


education glass bottle


warming government subsidies


space greenhouse gases


food nuclear power


building organic farming


bag public transport


paper rubbish bin


clothing world population


PDF for easy saving and printing: Environmental collocations First Conditional pelmanism

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