Functional language for Academic Writing games/ worksheets

Phrases to put in EAP writing PDFs. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 19 September 2019

Index pages in this section

Defining your terms page

Quoting sources page

Related pages

Comparing and contrasting page

Advantages and disadvantages page

Generalising/ hedging worksheets page

Giving examples phrases page

Opinions worksheets page

Purpose, cause and effect page

Supporting arguments page

Photocopiable EAP functional language classroom activities

Hedging and quoting sources

Comparing and contrasting Academic writing tasks

Compare and contrast your writing (with a huge review of comparing/ contrasting language)

Certainty and uncertainty in Academic English (adverbs etc)

Classifying and ranking academic phrases (review of functional language for academic writing)

Longer academic phrases card game (ditto)

Academic Word List giving examples guessing game

Academic Word List advantages and disadvantages phrases practice

Academic Word List phrases for expressing purpose practice

Academic Word List trends language

Academic Word List comparing and contrasting phrases practice

Academic Word List vocabulary for expressing certainty and uncertainty

Academic Word List practice of expressing cause and effect

Expressing purpose and cause and effect (with lots of Academic Word list vocabulary in it)

Academic English language of concession

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