School and university rules have to had to didn’t have to

Choose one of the rules below and try to make a true sentence about your partner’s education, e.g. “In your college, you have to take out your piercings”, “In your school, you didn’t have to take off your make up” etc.

Take off your make up

Wear smart clothes

Take out your earrings

Take out other piercings

Be careful not to say anything sexist

Be careful not to say anything racist

Be careful not to say anything homophobic

Call your teacher “Sir” or “Miss”

Call your teacher by their surname

Do club activities

Do a roll-call

Turn off your mobile phone

Show ID to get into the building

Be searched

Take a drug test

Sit with and work with students of the other sex

Speak English outside class

See your tutor 1 to 1

Bring a note from the doctor to prove you were sick

Hand in homework every week


Show ID when you take an exam

Do physical exercise

Have oral examinations

Pay for any equipment you break

Take part in safety drills

Be a long way from the building if you want to smoke

Speak out in front of the whole class

Give presentations

What are the most common university rules in your country and in other countries, e.g. the UK, USA and Australia?

Tick the ones above that are usually true in the UK, USA and Australia. Check your answers with your teacher, giving your answers as full sentences with “have to” and “don’t have to” (If you don’t know generally but know of someone’s real experience, you can use “had to”)

Imagine you are the management of a private university. You have to decide 10 rules for your university that will be popular both with students and their parents.

Take turns pretending to be a future student or parent of a future student and ask another group about their rules. Decide if you want to go or want your child to go to that university and tell the class why.


PDF version for easy printing: School university rules have to had to didnt have to

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