Japanese English for Business Different meaning or Don’t exist

Each of the words or expressions below is different in English and Japanese or doesn’t exist at all in English, i.e. none of them are used in English in the same way as they are used in Japanese. Label each one DIFF for different meaning or NOT for doesn’t exist. 

after care                          arbeit                  ball pen                            bargain (n)

base up                            baton touch        bottle keep                       casher

cashing                            catch copy          catch phone                     check point

chief (n)                            claim (n)             clip (n)                               cloak

CM                                    CM song            consent (n)                       container

cool biz                             demerit               depart                               diary

excellent company          free dial              free talking                       freshman

golden hour                     grade up             guard man                        high vision

image up                         initial                   interphone                        just

kilo                                   level up               mail                                   man to man

manner mode                  master course   memo                               merit

mind                                  minus driver       minus image                    miss (n)

model change                  mood                  morning call                     morning service

native level                       note                     OB                                    office lady

one man president         one pattern         order made                      paper company

plus driver                       post                     premium                           presentator

punch                                                            recruit suit

reform                                                          salaryman

schedule                                                       seal

sharp pen                                                    share

sign (n)                                                        sign pen

spell (n)                                           symbol mark

table speech                                               tenant

to challenge                                                 travel watch

unit bath                                                       version up

vinyl                                                              wide

Y shirt


PDF version for easy printing: Japanese English for business Different or dont exist

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