Do you like categories personalised pelmanism

Instructions for teachers

Cut up one pack of cards per class or per group of two to four students. Make sure the words can’t be seen through the back of the card by making pale copies, using thick paper and/ or using a dark surface such as a wooden table. Ask students to spread the cards face down across the table. One student turns over two cards and tries to get the same answer to “Do you like…?” questions to be able to keep those two cards. For example, if they pick the “characters” and “colours” cards and get “No, I don’t”, “Yes, I do” or “I don’t know” answers to both “Do you like Lucy in Peanuts?” and “Do you like pink hair?”, they can keep both cards. If they get a mix of different answers, e.g. one “Yes, I do” answer and one “No, I don’t” answer, they have to put the cards back in the same places and play passes to the next person. The game can also be played with questions about people they know such as “Does your mum like cornflakes?” and “Does your teacher like hats?”

Categories cards (to cut up and spread face down over the table)

birds books breakfast food bugs
candy characters clothes/ fashion cold drinks
colours desserts exercise


farm animals


food fruit games
hobbies hot drinks household chores meat


music people pets
places plants restaurants school subjects
sea life


seasons shops snacks


teams technology toys
TV programmes vegetables weather wild animals


PDF for easy saving and printing: Do you like categories random pelmanism

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