Word formation games/ worksheets

Updated 2 December 2017

Teaching word formation articles

7 word formation games

FCE Use of English Part Three word formation teaching tips

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FCE Use of English Part Three word formation games/ worksheets

Photocopiable word formation classroom activities

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Character words with negative prefixes games (jigsaw and speaking)

Word formation reversi memory game

Prefixes with opposite meanings discussion and presentation

Affixes with opposite meanings reversi game

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Key words in business writing Word formation games

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Meanings of affixes

Word formation discussion questions

Word formation Compare your weeks

Ranking things that make people feel good and bad Word formation

Word formation Call my bluff (students can then go on to set each other similar challenges)

Academic Word List vocabulary with negative prefixes

Word formation extended speaking

Word formation and responding sympathetically

Education vocabulary word formation

Use of English Part Three practice of speculating language (linking speaking and Use of English)

Use of English Part Three word formation practice of comparing and contrasting for Speaking Part Two (ditto)


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  1. These worksheets are soooo cool 🙂

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