Crazy appearances Pictionary

Draw one of the pictures below (or the thing that is written on the card your teacher gives you) until your partner guesses the whole sentence


Compete to draw the best picture for card that your teacher or one of the teams chooses

The elephant has got very long legs

The girl has got hairy elbows

The boy has got a very big head

The cat has got a square face

The panda is very fat

The baby has got a beard

The mouse has got one ear much bigger than the other

The horse has got a long thin face

The lion has got a shaved head

The man has got very long eyelashes

The women have got very long index fingers.

The giraffe has got a ponytail.

The elephant has got a round face

The woman has got strong arms

The rabbit has got two very long front teeth.

The woman has got lots of tattoos

The cheetah has got bunches

The butterfly has got huge wings

The snake has got loads of legs

The seal has got very long whiskers

The camel is wearing sunglasses

The monkey has got very long toes

The tiger has only got one stripe

The footballer is wearing a dress

The teacher has got long hair that touches the floor

The farmer has got big muscles and is carrying four sheep

The ice skater has got a huge belly (= stomach)

The businessman is wearing trainers

The lizard has got a very long tongue

The gorilla has got big lips

The horse has got a long chin

The koala has got big cheeks

The penguin has got a big forehead

Write other crazy drawing challenges in the three blank boxes at the end, then tell other teams what to draw.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Crazy appearances pictionary

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