Prepositions games, worksheets, songs and videos

Updated 17 April 2017

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Index pages for specific kinds of preposition

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Dependent prepositions activities page

Prepositions of movement activities page

Prepositions in emails worksheets page

General/ mixed prepositions


I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor Song Prepositions Worksheet

Common People by Pulp– prepositions practice and discussion

Mobile by Avril Lavigne (actually mainly phrasal verbs – link is to the lyrics) – LINK FIXED

We are the Champions by Queen (ditto) – LINK FIXED

Prepositions pairwork guessing game

FCE emails and letters prepositions pairwork

BULATS Speaking prepositions pairwork

Email prepositions pairwork

Presentations prepositions pairwork

Meetings and negotiations prepositions pairwork

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate prepositions pairwork

IELTS Writing prepositions pairwork

Complaints prepositions pairwork guessing game

Prepositions and determiners pairwork guessing game

Academic English prepositions and determiners pairwork

Reports prepositions/ determiners pairwork

Other games/ worksheets

Wallace and Gromit A Close Shave prepositions (of all kinds)

In/ on/ at/ no prepositions Snap

Meetings and negotiations prepositions and articles

Telephoning prepositions and phrasal verbs board game

IELTS Speaking part one and two Work prepositions

Preposition poems lesson (with a photocopiable handout with nice example poems, from

Your week prepositions


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