Your weekend Time management

Landmark Advanced Unit 14.1

Find out what your partner did at the weekend (from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday) and how long each thing took until you’ve filled all 48 hours.

Useful questions

How long did you spend… ing?/ did… take?/ did you… for?

What did you do between… and…?

Time expressions

An hour and a half

Three quarters of an hour

Just under/over an hour

A couple of minutes

Around/ More or less/ About/ Approximately…


do your chores/ do the housework- wash up (= do the dishes)/ stack the dishwasher/ tidy up/ mop/ hoover (= vacuum)/ make breakfast/ make brunch/ make lunch/ make dinner/ make supper/ make a snack/ bake/ dust/ wipe/ scrub/ iron/ do the laundry (= the washing)/ do the shopping/ lay the table- clear the table/ take out the rubbish/ clear up after…/ make the bed

text (= SMS)/ email

flick through/ read a magazine

channel hop

gaze into space/ stare into space/ daydream

sleep- doze/ have a lie in/ nap/ siesta/ rest your eyes/ forty winks

get (un)dressed

shower/ bath

choose what to wear

download- upload

surf the internet

go for a stroll/ wander around/ potter around the house


fag break

look for things


eat- nibble on… (= snack on…)

go for a pee- go for a number two


queue (= make a line)

put on make up (= put on your face) – take off make up

watch a vid

look at

brush your teeth/ floss

wash your hands/ face


swot (= study hard)/ cram (=revise intensively for an exam)

cut/ file/ polish your nails


go shopping/ window shopping


fiddle with


kill time/ hang out with

plan/ make a list

file/ organise


Today’s lesson is about time management. Which parts of your partner’s weekend show good and bad time management? Which of you have better time management?

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