Toys vocabulary games, worksheets, stories and flashcards

The vocabulary of toys PDFs, storybooks, online games, flashcards and teaching tips. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 28 March 2020

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Photocopiable toy vocabulary classroom activities

Requests and enquiries with have games (with clothes vocabulary, furniture vocabulary, classroom vocabulary, food vocabulary, animal vocabulary, sports vocabulary and toy vocabulary) – NEW

This/ that/ these/ those toys flashcard games

Pingu gets a bike (video worksheet)

Find toys with these shapes

tcpd toys phonics

Toy vocabulary picture books

Bear’s Toy Box (not a great story, but the only book I’ve found with lots of actual toy vocabulary)

I Spy A Funny Frog (not many actual toys mentioned but there are many more in the pictures that the teacher could bring into the lesson)

Toy vocabulary songs

Toys Song for Kids (“What is red? Can you see? I can see a scooter. Point with me.” etc to the tune of Frere Jacques – would need to make flashcards, but otherwise looks very good)

Old Scruffy Teddy (with lots of other toys mentioned – on LearnEnglishKids)

Toys song by Peter Weatherall

Toy vocabulary online games

How much is it? (loads of toys and practice of money, though they don’t need to understand the toys vocabulary to do the game as it stands – on LearnEnglishKids)

Toy flashcards

Toys flashcards

Toys word recognition flashcards

Toys It is They are flashcards

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    Very good!! Thanks!

  2. Sabrina says:

    Hey thank you!! it helped me a lot.

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