The big list of classroom objects

Electronic equipment

Computer                                                                                 Monitor

Interactive whiteboard                                              Speakers

Projector                                                                                  Air conditioner

Remote control                                                          Mouse

Keyboard                                                                                 Plug

(Power) cord/ Cable                                                               Stereo/ CD player

Electronic dictionary                                                               DVD/ Video player

Fan                                                                                           Calculator


Furniture and fittings

(Light) switch                                                                           (Door) handle

Table/ Desk                                                                             Chair

Swivel chair                                                                             Cupboard

(Book) shelf                                                                             (Coat) hook

Blinds/ Curtains                                                         Lock

Door                                                                                         Partition

Notice board                                                                            Fish tank/ Aquarium

Carpet/ Floorboard                                                                 Window sill

(Rubbish) bin/ Wastepaper basket/ Trash can      Socket

Light                                                                                          Blackboard/ Whiteboard

Poster                                                                                       Smoke detector

Fire extinguisher                                                                     Fire bell

Sprinkler                                                                                   Recycling bin

(Wall) clock                                                                              Lectern

Cubby hole



Stapler                                                                        Staple

(Pot of) glue/ Glue stick (= Pritt Stick)                     (Double sided) sellotape

Sellotape dispenser                                                               (Pair of) scissors

(12 inch) ruler                                                             Hole punch

Rubber (= Eraser)                                                                   Paperclip

Bulldog clip                                                                              Envelope

Stickers                                                                                    Lever arch file

(A4) ring binder                                                         (Coloured) chalk

(White)board pens                                                                  Permanent marker

Automatic pencil (= Mechanical pencil)                 Drawing pin (= Thumbtack)

(HB) pencil                                                                               (Automatic pencil refill) leads

Tippex                                                                        Post Its

Board rubber                                                                           Pencil sharpener

Set square                                                                               Compass

Colour pencil (= Colouring pencil)                                         Crayon

Felt tip pens                                                                            Rubber band

Highlighter pen                                                          Protractor



Craft supplies

Card                                                                                         Cardboard

Coloured paper                                                         Pipe cleaners

String/ Thread/ Wool                                                 Glitter

Scrap paper



Workbook/ Activity book                                                        Student’s book/ Class book

Notebook                                                                                 Graded reader/ Easy reader

(Monolingual/ Bilingual) dictionary                         Picture book/ Storybook                                                       


Badge                                                                                      Ceiling

Floor                                                                                         (Back) wall

Corner                                                                        Wallpaper

(School) bag/ Satchel/ Backpack                                         Worksheet

Dustpan                                                                                    (World) map

(Wall/ Desk) calendar                                               Dustpan and brush

Cloth                                                                                         (National) flag

Gym bag



Useful language

“What’s the difference between… and…?”

“How do you pronounce…?”

“What does… mean?”

“Can you also say…?”



PDF version for easy saving and printing: The big list of classroom objects

More classroom language materials: Classroom language games/ worksheets page

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