The big list of classroom objects

Electronic equipment

Computer                                                                                 Monitor

Interactive whiteboard                                              Speakers

Projector                                                                                  Air conditioner

Remote control                                                          Mouse

Keyboard                                                                                 Plug

(Power) cord/ Cable                                                               Stereo/ CD player

Electronic dictionary                                                               DVD/ Video player

Fan                                                                                           Calculator


Furniture and fittings

(Light) switch                                                                           (Door) handle

Table/ Desk                                                                             Chair

Swivel chair                                                                             Cupboard

(Book) shelf                                                                             (Coat) hook

Blinds/ Curtains                                                         Lock

Door                                                                                         Partition

Notice board                                                                            Fish tank/ Aquarium

Carpet/ Floorboard                                                                 Window sill

(Rubbish) bin/ Wastepaper basket/ Trash can      Socket

Light                                                                                          Blackboard/ Whiteboard

Poster                                                                                       Smoke detector

Fire extinguisher                                                                     Fire bell

Sprinkler                                                                                   Recycling bin

(Wall) clock                                                                              Lectern

Cubby hole



Stapler                                                                        Staple

(Pot of) glue/ Glue stick (= Pritt Stick)                     (Double sided) sellotape

Sellotape dispenser                                                               (Pair of) scissors

(12 inch) ruler                                                             Hole punch

Rubber (= Eraser)                                                                   Paperclip

Bulldog clip                                                                              Envelope

Stickers                                                                                    Lever arch file

(A4) ring binder                                                         (Coloured) chalk

(White)board pens                                                                  Permanent marker

Automatic pencil (= Mechanical pencil)                 Drawing pin (= Thumbtack)

(HB) pencil                                                                               (Automatic pencil refill) leads

Tippex                                                                        Post Its

Board rubber                                                                           Pencil sharpener

Set square                                                                               Compass

Colour pencil (= Colouring pencil)                                         Crayon

Felt tip pens                                                                            Rubber band

Highlighter pen                                                          Protractor


Craft supplies

Card                                                                                         Cardboard

Coloured paper                                                         Pipe cleaners

String/ Thread/ Wool                                                 Glitter

Scrap paper



Workbook/ Activity book                                                        Student’s book/ Class book

Notebook                                                                                 Graded reader/ Easy reader

(Monolingual/ Bilingual) dictionary                         Picture book/ Storybook                                                       


Badge                                                                                      Ceiling

Floor                                                                                         (Back) wall

Corner                                                                        Wallpaper

(School) bag/ Satchel/ Backpack                                         Worksheet

Dustpan                                                                                    (World) map

(Wall/ Desk) calendar                                               Dustpan and brush

Cloth                                                                                         (National) flag

Gym bag



Useful language

“What’s the difference between… and…?”

“How do you pronounce…?”

“What does… mean?”

“Can you also say…?”




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