Correct the articles in film and song titles errors

All the film and song titles below have mistakes with articles. Using your memory of the titles and grammar knowledge, try to correct them.

Film titles

Sex and City

A Fist Full of The Dollars (Spaghetti Western with Clint Eastwood)

The Curious Case of The Benjamin Button

Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Harry Potter and A Half Blood Prince

Four Weddings and Funeral (British comedy with Hugh Grant)

Confessions of The Dangerous Mind (starring George Clooney)

Reader (film about a concentration camp guard starring Kate Winslet)

Planet Earth, complete BBC series

Three Men and The Baby (1980s comedy)

A Day An Earth Stood Still (disaster movie starring Keanu Reaves)

A Tale of Despereaux (animation about a mouse)

A Ten Commandments (biblical film starring Charlton Heston, 50th anniversary edition)

It’s The Wonderful Life (classic Christmas movie)

An Bug’s Life (animation about insects)

Hundred and One Dalmatians (Disney cartoon and live action movie)

The Knight’s Tale

Pirates of Caribbean


No Line on a Horizon (U2)

If I Were Boy (Beyonce)

I’ve Got The Crush on Obama (Obama Girl)

Born in USA (Bruce Springsteen)

Legend: A Best of Bob Marley

A Englishman in New York (Sting)

Oh What Beautiful Morning (song from the musical Oklahoma)

There Must be a Angel Playing in my Heart (Eurhythmics)

Have Nice Day (Bon Jovi)

When You Wish Upon Star (Disney)

I Predict The Riot (Kaiser Chiefs)


Songs and movies articles discussion questions

Fill the gaps below with a, an, the or —

Which of _____________ films and songs above don’t you know? Can your partner tell you anything about them?

When did you last see ___________ film?

What is __________ best movie ever made?

What’s ___________ most romantic film you’ve ever seen?

Have you ever cried in _______ movie? What was ______ name of ______ movie?

Who are ______________ most famous foreign singers and film stars in your country? Why do you think they are well known or popular?

Do you agree with this philosophy of making action movies – “___________ shorter, ____________ better”?


PDF for easy saving and printing: film titles articles correct mistakes

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