Ideal personality guessing game

with jobs and relationships vocabulary

Choose one of the people below and say what their personality should and shouldn’t be until your partner guesses who you are talking about. Do you agree with their opinion?

 Useful language

“They should probably/ definitely be… (although often they aren’t)”

“The most important thing is…”

“One of the most important things is…”

“Another vital thing is that…”

“Most people think that being… is important for this person, but I think that… is more so”

“They definitely shouldn’t be…”

“The worst thing they could possibly be is…”

A parent

A good role model for teenagers

A teacher in this school

A kindergarten teacher

A vet

A middle manager

An executive (= director = top manager)

A celebrity

President or Prime Minister of your country or America

First Lady of your country or America

A diplomat, e.g. an ambassador

A fling (= someone you would have a short, passionate relationship with)

A future husband or wife

A babysitter, au pair or nanny

A top sportsman

An inventor

A salesman

A shop assistant

A travel agent

An estate agent

An architect

A hairdresser

A lawyer

A receptionist

A surgeon

A security guard

A cycle courier

A motorcycle courier

An office worker

A businessman

Someone you would choose as a business partner

Someone you would think of as a hero

Continue, but talking about people who are not on the list above


PDF for easy saving and printing: Ideal personality guessing game

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2 Responses to Ideal personality guessing game

  1. bnanno says:

    Link to pdf is missing _thanks for a fantastic blog!

  2. alexcase says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Now fixed.

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