Five senses vocabulary

Landmark Advanced Unit 7

Label each line below with which sense it relates to (including “the sixth sense”)

Stare, glare, glance, look, watch, gaze, see,

Blurred, blink, wink, optician, optical illusion

Audible, listen, hear, muffled, a racket

Overhear, homophone acoustics eavesdrop

Transparent, telescope, pupil bifocals contact lenses peep

Stink, scent, aroma, smell, B.O, pungent, musty

ESP, mind reading, female intuition

Rough, smooth, bumpy, slimy

Texture, rub, fingertips, lumpy, tickle

Greasy, brush against, stroke, coarse

Soft, fluffy, sticky, numb, sharp, prickly

Bitter, sour, bland, yummy, yucky, flavour

Disgusting, revolting, delicious, scrumptious

Spicy, sweet, tasteless, savoury

Blind, dazzle, shortsighted, longsighted, shiny

Deaf, hearing aid, hard of hearing,

Bouquet, odour, deodorant, joss sticks, incense,

Perfume, reek, sniff, stench,

20/20 vision, visible, visual, invisible

View, vista, scenery, glimpse, lens, glitter, glint, blindfold,

Observe, peek, squint, spectator

Monocle, binoculars, specs, microscope, periscope

Ask your teacher about any words you don’t know

What are the typical classroom questions about the things below?


mean/ meaning


pronounce/ pronunciation



example sentence

grammatical difference

difference in…


stand for


positive/ negative/ neutral

formal/ informal/ neutral/ slang/ idiom

literal/ idiomatic


Check the questions on the page below, then test each other on the vocabulary above

How do you spell …?/ How is … spelt?

What does … mean? / How would you explain the meaning of …?

What’s the opposite of …?

What’s the verb of …?

What’s the adverb of …?

What’s the noun of …?

What’s the middle letter of …?

What’s the second to last letter of …?

How do you pronounce …?/ How is … pronounced?

Is … pronounced the same as …?

What’s the difference in pronunciation between … and …?

What’s the vowel sound in…?

How many syllables does… have? / How many syllables has… got? / How

many syllables are there in…?

Where is the stress in…?

Could you give me an example sentence with… in it, please?

What’s the difference between… and…?

Does… mean the same as…?

Is there more than one meaning of…?

What does… stand for?

Is… a positive or negative word?

Is… a formal or informal word or expression?

What’s the literal meaning of…?

Is there an idiomatic meaning of…?


PDF for easy saving and printing: FiveSensesVocabulary

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