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Do no harm? Part Two

“In my second-year French class, I had to keep a journal. I could only say stupid things: ‘I got up at six. I ate breakfast. It’s cold. I’m tired.’ I was reduced to making these idiotic statements because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Authentic Materials and Student Motivation

Not a big enough problem to worry Auntie Alex with, so will deal with this reader enquiry myself: Some good-looking internet resources on said topic, have no more than skimmed them myself but the sites they are on are well … Continue reading

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What do you do when you're number one?

No, not TEFLtastic- Toyota. Now that Toyota is top of the world, it seems all some analysts can see is the inevitable decline. Understandable in a way, but it is not as if the Japanese gave up their number one … Continue reading

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Exploding baths and English teaching

Don’t know if the exploding posh hot springs resort in Shibuya (of 8 directions at once crossing and Lost in Translation karaoke fame) made the news abroad. It was another quiet news day in Japan (apparently news of Africa cannot … Continue reading

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