Passive voice games, worksheets and poem

About 39 passive PDFs and teaching ideas. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Teaching passive article (with passive voice game ideas)

Stimulating classroom practice for passives – LINK FIXED

Photocopiable passive voice classroom activities

Describing festivals with passive voice – NEW

Good and taboo passive voice questions

Passive voice numbers quiz 

Describing social issues with the passive voice

Passive voice problems and solutions speaking

Designing and selling inventions passive voice practice

Passive voice discuss and agree

Passive voice Yes/ No questions games

Is it grown? Passive voice rhyming past participles poems activities

Passive for describing processes error correction (in this very cheap e-book)

Xmas vocabulary passive voice guessing game

Xmas traditions passives bluff – LINK FIXED

Describing food with passive voice

Describing technology with passive voice

Describing classroom objects with passive voice

Describing architecture with passive voice

Passive voice free and controlled speaking

Processes in planes and airports – present and past passive practice

Passives Environmental quiz

Can you make the academic sentences passive? (including verbs which are never passive)

Office inventions Tense review and speaking Extended version (obviously mainly passives, given the topic)

Passives Guess the country game

Medical Breakthrough Dominoes

Active/ Passive True/ False quiz

Punishment passives and tense review

Passives Disasters storytelling/ dominoes/ pelmanism

Passive apples Grammar code game

Use of English Part One Multiple Choice cloze for passives

Make true and correct active and passive trivia sentences game

Office inventions tense review (including a fair bit of passives)

Passives tense review (structure rather than meaning)

Passives Guess Who game

Hurricanes and cyclones passives (IELTS Graduation)

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Updated 7 December 2022

6 Responses to Passive voice games, worksheets and poem

  1. Nataly says:

    thanks for your resourses😊

  2. Lyubov says:

    Thank you for interesting and useful resources)) I will definitely share this wedsite with my workmates.

  3. This is great. I was looking for resources for a class on passives and this is a gold mine. I also love the convenient PDF link you include at the bottom of your page. I wish I could do multiple likes for this page! Thank you very much!!!!

  4. margaret says:

    Thank you very much for allowing me to photocopy your wonderful ideas. They will definitely be appreciated by my students! And I’m delighted ,too.

  5. Malena says:

    I find the resources very useful, specially because students will be helping eacother and reinforcing the tense variation forms needed in Passives.

  6. Thanks a lot for these great resources.

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