Describing places games/ worksheets

PDFs and teaching ideas for names of places, adjectives for describing places, etc. If you find anything useful here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Index pages in this section

Household vocabulary section/ Describing house and home section

Lists of language for describing places

British and American house and home and describing places vocabulary lists – the third and fourth lists here

List of describing places opposites (near the end of this great value article)

The answer key to brainstorming useful language for describing places FCE version

Photocopiable describing places classroom activities

and see the link above for household vocab and below for country names

Determiners in names of places speaking activities

Brainstorming language for describing places IELTS version (in this penny a page e-book)

There is & there are guess the place

What places used to be called trivia quiz (used to and names of places)

Telling the time flashcard memory games (with morning routines, evening routines, places around town, school subjects and weather vocabulary)

Present Continuous and places guessing game

Recommendations and invitations for foreign visitors review (with lots of vocabulary of places)

Giving directions free and controlled speaking (with lots of vocabulary of places)

Travel plans bluffing game (describing places and future tenses)

Comparing places Comparatives random pelmanism card game

Guess the place speculating practice (modals of deduction and articles with place names)

Places and directions design a town (fun game with lots of useful names of places vocab)

Describing places Adjective word order

Comparing places comparative adjectives practice

Desires in different places (“want to” and names of different places)

Brainstorming useful language for describing places FCE version

Similarities and differences between words for describing places

Compare and contrast the places (difficult country and city names and comparing contrasting)

FCE Speaking Parts One and Four on places

Describing places The language of trends (with trends language presented in context)

Trends affecting cities

Places discussion questions and vocabulary brainstorming

Describing your city similarities and differences

Describing places vocabulary and speaking

Renovating a hotel

Prohibitions guess the place

IELTS Speaking Part One on accommodation

IELTS Speaking Part One on hometown

IELTS Speaking Part Two on people, places, actions, things and times and useful vocabulary for those tasks

Related pages

Country and nationality words page

English for architects page

Giving directions page

IELTS Writing Part One page (for describing maps tasks)

Updated 7 August 2022

2 Responses to Describing places games/ worksheets

  1. Felicity says:

    What a fantastic site! Thank you Alex. Really beautiful cherry blossom as well. I will share on Facebook. I’m quite new to tefl although I’ve been an English teacher for many years so this is invaluable.

  2. alexcase says:

    Thanks Felicity, and yes please do spread the word.

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