Adjectives games, worksheets and songs

PDFs and teaching ideas for everything from “big” and “little” to ungradable adjectives. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated  24 October 2021

Adjectives games/ worksheets index pages

Gradable and extreme adjectives page

-ed and -ing adjectives page

Comparative and superlative adjectives page

Feelings page

Opposites page

Personality page

Possessive adjectives page

Related pages

Colour vocabulary page

Describing people page

Describing places page

Country and nationality page

Other photocopiable adjectives classroom activities (see links above for more)

Basic adjectives make me say yes – NEW

Are you…? hangman (mix of be with adjectives and nouns with a)

Is a cockroach pretty? adjectives and animals mix and match

Is it…? Is it a…? nouns and adjectives with be games (including drawing and guessing)

It is and they are with adjectives pick and draw game

Adjectives and prepositions pick and draw drawing game

Possessives and adjectives pick and draw drawing game

Basic adjectives and nouns drawing games (including food, clothes, animals, classroom vocabulary, toys vocabulary and feelings)

Basic adjectives and nouns pick and draw

Reactions to art adjectives discussion

Describing places Adjective word order

Pick the body part and adjective drawing game

Basic nouns and adjectives pictionary

Hand in My Pocket Adjectives song

Adjectives compare your weekends

Adjectives compare your weeks

Adjectives to describe last week

Adjectives for describing movies

Big and small classroom objects pictionary

Adjective plus preposition sentence completion guessing game

Adjective plus preposition sentence completion guessing game2

Make the noise of transport and adjective

Adjectives with too and enough problems and solutions

Adjectives to describe architecture

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