Modules 1 and 2 vocabulary Past Continuous accusations game

Ask your partner why they were doing one of the things below. As you saw them doing it, they can’t claim that they didn’t. Can they come up with an innocent reason for doing that thing?

When I saw you,…

you were patting your boss on the head

you were flirting with a stranger on the bus

you were wearing a shabby tracksuit and other casual clothes at a wedding

you were beating a pensioner up

you were hanging out with a group of 11 year old kids

you were writing insults on the board

you were bumping into lots of passers-by

you were pouring ink into your line manager’s coffee

you were peeling a potato with a pair of scissors

you were playing wheelchair basketball in a hospital ward

you were breaking pieces of coral off the Great Barrier Reef

you were upsetting a hospital patient

you were blaming your cousin for breaking your aunt’s vase (even though you broke it)

you were sitting on the edge of a cliff

you were taking the wheels off your gran’s wheelchair

you were standing in a line to receive free meals for homeless people

you were shouting rude words at your next door neighbour

you were climbing over the fence into a closed fairground

you were being arrested

you were wearing your mp3 player at a gig

you were struggling to pick up a 5kg weight

you were calling one of your siblings names

you were flirting with someone else’s spouse


PDF for easy saving and printing: VocabRevisionPastContAccusations

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4 Responses to Modules 1 and 2 vocabulary Past Continuous accusations game

  1. Palak Kumari says:

    It is not good

  2. alexcase says:

    So don’t use it then…

  3. this is one of my favourite activities to do with the students! It does require a certain amount of imagination, but it’s so much fun! Thank you very much!

  4. Ms Margaret says:

    This is a great activity – I disagree @Palak – and as my teachers always taught me, if you can´t say anything nice…. :)

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