FCE Use of English Part Two open cloze for emailing phrases

Work together to put one word into each gap in the useful sentences for FCE emails below. The missing words are similar to the ones you need to put into FCE Use of English Part Two (open cloze). Some words are used more than once.

• I also had ____________ few questions about…

• See you the week ____________ next.

• First of _________, I have some questions about…

• Thanks for _______ your help.

• Hugs ____ kisses

• Please feel free to contact me at _____________ time.

• If there’s ______________ else you want to know, drop me a line anytime.

• Please get back to me ______ soon as you can.

• How _______ things?

• Long time no see! How have you _____________?

• Can you get back to me about that ______ the end of the week?

• Hope we _____________ meet up again soon.

• If you need any further information, please ______ not hesitate to contact me.

• Please say Hi to John _____________ me.

• Thanks for ___________ back to me so quickly.

• Thanks for ___________ in touch.

• Please let me know ______ I can be of any assistance.

• Let me know ____ you want me to lend you a hand (with…)

• Do you mind _____ I…?

• See you _________ three weeks.

• _______ the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us

• I am writing to you _____ connection with…

• I am writing _____ order to…

• Thank you __________ advance.

• Keep ______ touch.

• Is ______ okay for me to…?

• How’s _____ going?

• I can’t make _____ then, but…

• I would _____ to apologise for…

• Could you possibly tell ____…?

• Give ____ regards to Mr Smith.

• Thanks for the invitation, but I’m flying abroad _____ that day.

• See you _____ the 26th.

• Thanks for a lovely meal __________ Saturday.

• Dear Sir ____ Madam

• Thank you for your interest in __________ company.

• Sorry to write to you _________ of the blue but…

• It seems so long ___________ we last met.

• Sorry that it’s been so long ___________ I’ve been in touch.

• It was ______________ nice to hear from you.

• I am writing to ask for __________ information on….

• I had __________ a nice time when I visited you last year, so…

• … if _____ is convenient with you.

• Sorry ________ I couldn’t be more help.

• Here’s _____ info you asked for.

• All __________ best

• Thank you for taking _____ time to meet me last week.

• Please see _______ attachment for further details.

• I am writing to apply for ________ job of manager which I saw in yesterday’s Guardian.

• I’m busy all morning but I’m free in _______ afternoon.

• It was great ______ see you again yesterday.

• _______ answer your first question,…

• Unfortunately I ______ not be able to…

• I’m afraid I ____________ be out of the country at that time.

• I _______ like to invite you to…

• Thank you for your letter, ______ I received this morning.

• In reply to ______ questions,…

• Thanks again for all ______ help.

• ___________ faithfully

Test each other in pairs, one guess per hint. Make up more sentences if you run out of examples above (general sentences are fine if you can’t think of emailing ones).

Hint: The sentences are in alphabetic order by missing word.


PDF for easy saving and printing: FCE CAE Use of English Part Two practice for email phrases

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