Transport around the world discussion, listening and generalising

IELTS Graduation Unit 6

You are going to listen to a lecture about transport in Colombia, Venezuela, Belgium, the UK, China and Japan. What topics do you think they will speak about, and what do you think they will say?

Look at the listening task on page 90 and try to predict in some way what you will need to write in the gaps.

After doing the listening, work with your partner to describe transport in your own city and country.

Possible topics

Public and private transport

Domestic and international travel

Freight transport

Transport infrastructure

Speeding and accidents

Major transport hubs

Green issues


How could you improve the following statements about accidents?

 It is not true that poor road conditions are the only explanation for road accidents

 All road accidents cause fatal injuries

 Everyone believes that drivers always drive too fast

 Higher fines for speeding will reduce the number of accidents

 Having speed cameras on all streets is the best solution to the problem of speeding

 It is a fact that every accident involves drivers who have consumed alcohol

Add words from page 101 to the statements above to make them more accurate

Use similar language to discuss the other transport topics again


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Transport around the world discussion

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