Can can’t miming coin game

Instructions for teachers

Cut up one pack of cards per class or per group of three to five students. One student takes a card then secretly flips a coin, not showing anyone which side of the coin is up. If heads is up, that student should mime a positive sentence with that word in it, e.g. “I can catch”, for the other students to guess. If they get tails, they should mime a negative sentence, e.g. someone swimming badly or sinking under water for “I can’t swim”. Students must mime someone not doing something successfully for the “can’t” sentences (they aren’t allowed to use negative signs such as a cross sign to show the sentences should be negative).

Cards to cut up





do maths







play tennis

fight/ do karate



skip/ jump rope  





use a smartphone use chopsticks


Extra cards







lift/ carry

ride a bicycle


stand on one leg stand on tiptoe


PDF for easy saving and printing: can-can’t-miming-coin-game

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