Sales and marketing games/ worksheets

Sales and marketing PDFs and teaching tips. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Photocopiable sales and marketing classroom materials

Sales and marketing meetings using numbers practice (in this very cheap e-book)

Generic brands vocabulary and speaking

Brainstorming new products and services preparing presentations practice (in this very cheap e-book)

Presenting products brainstorming (in this very cheap e-book)

Advertising slogans modals of probability

Comparing marketing methods discussion (with marketing collocations)

Clothes and accessories to sell (with clothes collocations, clothes synonyms, typical mistakes with clothes language, and ditto for sales language)

Marketing discussion questions

Checking/ Clarifying and marketing vocabulary  (with marketing collocations and correction of typical checking understanding phrases)

Food and drink and kitchen supplies to sell (with food and drink and sales collocations)

Marketing vocabulary discussion questions

Brands discussion

Business writing tasks on brands

Present Simple and Continuous discussion questions on brands (with key words for both tenses)

Present Simple and Continuous meetings on the topic of brands

BULATS presentations about brands

Guessing brands tense review game

Short meetings about branding

Presentations about brands

Roleplays about brands

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Updated 23 July 2022

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