Storytelling phrases The same or different

Without looking below, listen to your teacher read out some sentences and hold up the “The same” or “Different” cards depending on what you think about their meanings.

Decide if the phrases below have the same meaning (S) or different meaning (D). If there are more than two phrases, they are all the same or all different.

  • Watched/ Looked at/ Saw
  • Heard/ Listened
  • Put on/ Was wearing
  • It took three hours./ It lasted three hours.
  • Brought/ Took
  • Looked/ Seemed
  • Arrived at the station/ Reached the station
  • Was expecting/ Was looking forward to/ Was waiting for
  • Happened/ Occurred
  • Wished/ Regretted
  • Needn’t have/ Shouldn’t have
  • Doubted/ Suspected
  • Tried to/ Attempted to
  • Tried to/ Tried + v + ing
  • She could/ She managed to/ She was able to


  • By accident/ Accidently
  • By accident/ By chance
  • Deliberately/ On purpose
  • Somewhat unexpectedly/ Out of the blue
  • Suddenly/ All of a sudden
  • He had almost arrived/ He had nearly arrived

Time expressions

  • She had eaten dinner before I arrived/ She had eaten dinner when I arrived.
  • At exactly the same time/ At just that moment
  • She had moved in ten years earlier./ She had moved in ten years before.
  • Three days before/ Three days ago
  • Three days before/ Three days earlier
  • Three days later/ Three days after
  • Later that day/ Later the same day
  • A while later/ Some time later
  • A little while later/ After a little while
  • A little while later/ A fair while later
  • The previous day/ The day before
  • The following day/ The next day
  • After that/ Then
  • Straightaway/ Immediately/ Straight after/ At once
  • In the end/ At the end/ At last/ Last
  • At last/ Finally!
  • At first/ First
  • At first/ Initially
  • By the time I arrived home/ When I arrived home
  • Meanwhile/ In the meantime

Cards to hold up


 The same  Different 
 The same  Different 
 The same  Different 


PDF for easy saving and printing: Storytelling phrases The same or different

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