Ordinal number words jigsaw games

Instructions for teachers

Choose one of the packs of cards below, thinking about the right level of difficulty for your students.

Cut up one pack of cards per class or group of two to four students. In all of the games, the students race to put the cards into the correct order. The games are given below in approximate order of difficulty. If students have difficulty with the tasks, you can:

  • Put the words out in order and then mix them up in front of the students, starting by only mixing a few cards
  • Start with fewer words, maybe even just one word mixed up, then add more and more words
  • Let students work together


It is also possible to play a more traditional game of dominoes with the dominoes cards, but as these are excessively easy it makes more sense to get students putting them in order as quickly as possible and then move onto more challenging and useful tasks.

If the last set of cards isn’t challenging enough or you think students are doing it by using clues other than the actual spelling, an alternative game is to remove one of the cards (e.g. removing the “en” from the middle of “tenth”) and see if students can spot and remember which part of the word(s) is missing after putting the remaining cards together in order.


Cards to cut up 

Ordinal numbers jigsaw two-way split version

fir st
seco nd
thi rd
fou rth
fi fth
si xth
sev enth
ei ghth
ni nth
ten th


Ordinal numbers jigsaw three-way split version 

f ir st
se co nd
th ir d
f ou rth
f i fth
s i xth
se ve nth
ei gh th
ni n th
t en th


PDF for easy saving and printing: ordinal-number-word-jigsaw-games

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