Describe the transport guessing game

Describe a means of transport, for example one in the list below, until your partner guesses which one it is.


Useful language:


It has two/ three/ four wheels                                                It’s powered by coal/ petrol/ your legs.

You steer it by…                                                                   You change speed by…

It has enough room for one person/ two people/ around seventy people.

It has a saddle/ steering wheel/ gear stick/ windscreen/ oar/ engine/ propeller/…

It’s cheap/ expensive/ heavy/ light/ quick/ slow/ noisy/ smelly/ …

It doesn’t have any brakes/ gears/ seats



Private jet                                                                               Wheelchair

Steam engine                                                                        Rickshaw

Elephant                                                                                 Horse

Donkey/ mule                                                             Horse and cart

Pedallo (= pedal boats)                                                        Dog sled

Skiing                                                                                     Submarine

Jet ski                                                                                     Snowmobile

Camel                                                                                     Tram

Cable car                                                                               The tube (= the underground = subway)

Bicycle                                                                                    Unicycle

Tandem                                                                                  Palanquin

Tuk tuk (= motorized rickshaw)                                            Double-decker bus

Rollerblades (= inline skates)                                              Motorbike

Scooter/ moped                                                                    Skateboard

Segway                                                                                  Gondola

Catamaran                                                                             Hovercraft

Taxi                                                                                         Black cab

Train                                                                                       Maglev train

Monorail                                                                                 Shared taxi

(Local) bus                                                                             Coach (= long distance bus)

Double-decker bus                                                               Helicopter

Plane                                                                                      Balloon

Raft                                                                                         Ferry

Cruise ship                                                                            Kayak

Canoe                                                                                                Dinghy

Paddle steamer                                                                    Motorcycle taxi

Car                                                                                          Motor pool

Company car                                                                         Rentacar/ hire car

Limousine                                                                              Hitchhiking

Jetfoil                                                                                      Zeppelin/ airship

Articulated bus                                                                      4×4 (= jeep)



PDF for easy saving and printing: describe the transport guessing game

Transport vocab main page

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