Renovating a hotel

You are going to take part in a competition for the best hotel renovation.

Draw and/ or make notes about the hotel before renovation here






Draw and/ or make notes about the hotel after renovation here. Make sure that it is just renovated, not just totally rebuilt!





Useful language to describe bad hotels

Not enough/ Problems with/ Inadequate/ Broken/ Cracked/ Dingy/ Peeling/ Musty/ Damp/ Crumbling/ Run down/ A lack of/ Old fashioned/ Unsafe/ Unsanitary/ Leaking/ Cramped/ Sagging/ Squeaky/ Creaking/ Draughty/ Very few/ Hardly any/ Too much/ Too many/ Excess/ Not sufficient(ly)/ Crooked/ Dusty/ Filthy/ Sticky/ Uneven/ Shaky/ Gloomy/ Tacky/ Drab/ Tiny/ Miniscule/ Noisy/ Steep/ Narrow/ Fleas/ Bed bugs/ Bunk beds/ Lumpy mattress/ Unsafe/ Bare light bulbs/ Stains/ Holes/ Claustrophobic/ Low ceilings

Useful language to describe good hotels

Chandelier/ Spa/ (Indoor/ outdoor) pool/ Poolside bar/ Easy access to…/ Complementary…/ Chandeliers/ Ballroom/ Spiral staircase/ Lobby/ Hot springs/ Jacuzzi/ Four poster bed/ Gold plated taps/ Mist shower/ Helicopter landing pad/ Balcony/ Private beach/ Wine cooler/ Tennis courts/ Silk sheets/ Golf course/ Full English breakfast/ Room service/ Eat all you like buffet/ Panoramic views/ Plenty of/ Spacious/ Luxurious/ Coal fires/ Glass elevators/ Rooftop garden/ Abundant/ Numerous/ Gleaming/ Magnificent/ Fabulous/ Brand (spanking) new/ Suite/ Elegant/ Spotless/ Vast/ Natural light/ Key cards/ Bell boy/ Door man/ Shuttle bus/ Trouser press/ Shoe shine service

Discussion questions

How would you feel about living (rather than just staying) in a luxury hotel? Why do you feel that way?

What about living on a cruise ship?

What things would a cruise ship need to make it a permanently liveable place?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Renovating a hotel

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