Colour vocabulary games, worksheets, stories and songs

A mix of things for young learners and older learners, and for lower level learners and higher level learners. Should be obvious which is which. Updated 20 May 2017

Teaching colour vocabulary articles

How to teach colour vocabulary in ESL classes

Classroom activities for colour vocabulary – NEW

Photocopiable colour words classroom activities

It is and they are plus colours drawing game – NEW

Colours, numbers and alphabet/ phonics drawing game – NEW

Colours and trends – NEW LINK

Colours and conditionals sentence completion guessing game – NEW LINK

Colour words jigsaws

Draw a monster body parts practice (colours, numbers and shapes) – NEW LINK

Pick cards to draw a Xmas picture (including colours) – NEW LINK

Clothes and Present Continuous drawing game (including colours) – NEW LINK

Possessive adjectives drawing game (including colours)- NEW LINK

Present Continuous and prepositions of position drawing dice game (including colours) – NEW LINK

Colours necklace crafts

Brown Bear Brown Bear colouring worksheet (obviously needs to be printed in black and white)

Colour vocabulary stories

A Beautiful Butterfly by Mikiko Nakamoto (colours and food)

My Very First Book of Colours by Eric Carle (students match colours and objects)

Our Colourful World story on Learn English Kids

Blue Hat Green Hat (link is to story on YouTube)

Colour word songs

I see something blue on Super Simple Songs

(I don’t recommend “I can see a rainbow”!)


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