Intermediate end of level error correction

Each example below has one mistake of grammar, spelling, vocabulary or pronunciation (confusing two words that sound similar). Work with a partner and try to find and correct the mistakes.

1. Dear James

Hi James, it’s Alex X

2. I have a lot of things to talk to you X

3. There were so beautiful decorations on the table. X

4. I was enjoyed the party you held. X

5. If you don’t have any appointment, let’s meet up. X

6. I am free to meet you on next Saturday. X

7. Birmingham Cathedral had been built many years ago in the 14th Century. X

8. He eventually found the book. So he showed it to me. X

9. This is a great book. I read it all morning. X

10. To me, it was a great opportunity. X

11. These days I am preparing for an important meeting. X

12. I think you might not be able to do it. X

13. My memory is terrible these days, but after thinking about it for ages I finally record his name. X

14. I had a fabulous time going around the Mediterranean on a crew ship. X

15. I know the best restrant in the whole of Seoul. X

16. Thank you so much for a very plesant evening X

17. I spent lots of times revising for this test, so I am so happy that I passed X


PDF version for easy printing: intermediate end of level errors

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