Presentations on the topic of design

Give a presentation about one aspect of design, e.g. one of the topics below. Your teacher will tell you how formal or informal the presentation should be and how much preparation you will be allowed to do.

• The design of something in this room

• The design of this room/ building/ area/ city

• A trend in design

• One designer

• A design style

• One design

• A period

• Different designs of one object

• Design or designers from one country

• Designs from one company

• One aspect of design, e.g. the most important one

• A recent news story connected to design

• A recent article in a design magazine or journal

• A classic book about design

• One talk or article by a design expert

• Design and this city

• Design and this university

• A philosophy of design

• One way in which design has changed

• One kind of design or one kind of designer

• A personal story connected to design

• An example of good or bad design


PDF version for easy printing: Presentations on the topic of design

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