Present Perfect and changes

Market Leader Intermediate Unit 4 

From memory or your grammar knowledge, put these questions into the correct tense.

Why _______________ (you choose) this job?

How long ________________ (you be) in Tokyo?

Is Tokyo the only place ______________ (you live)?

What _______________________ (you do) last weekend?

_________________________ (you visit) many foreign countries?

_______________ (you travel) much? (What ___________ (be) your favourite place?)

______________________ (you ever have) any problems while you were travelling? (What ____________________ (happen)?)

___________________ (you go) to any English speaking countries?

Check your answers on the last worksheet or with your teacher.

What are the two tenses above called? Why do they have those names?

What are the differences between them?

Which of the two tenses are the following things true for?

Used with “since” and “for”

Also possible with “for”, but “ago” is much more common. Cannot be used with “since”.

Used to ask questions about experience (or lack of experience), so often a first question

Used to ask for details about an experience, so often a follow up question.

Used with unfinished periods of time, e.g. this week/ month/ year and in the last week/ month/ year

Used with finished periods of time, e.g. last week/ month/ year

Used when there is some connection to the present

Used when there is no connection to the present

The most  common tense with “yet”, “already” and “just” in British English

The most common tense with “yet”, “already” and “just” in American English.

Ask your partner questions about the topics below:

  • This week
  • Last week
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Using English at work
  • Business trips


Present Perfect/ Simple Past mini-presentations game

Choose one of the topics below and talk about it for as long as you can. Your partner won’t interrupt you, but they will ask you one or two questions about what you said when you finish speaking. Talk about the past and/ or present, but not the future. 

Useful phrases

I’m going to/ I’d like to talk about/ speak about…

That’s all I can think of to say/ I think that covers everything


  • My first job
  • My previous job
  • A famous entrepreneur
  • This week/ month/ year at work
  • Last week/ month/ year at work
  • My first day in this job
  • My to-do list
  • My email inbox
  • Connections (or lack of connections) between my studies and work
  • History of this company
  • This company this year and last year
  • My job this year and last year
  • Changes in prices
  • Changes in the economy
  • Changes in my finances
  • Changes in management
  • Changes in my job
  • Changes in this company

What kinds of changes do companies often go through?

Brainstorm vocabulary about changes starting with these prefixes:





Has your company gone through any of those changes? What was the experience like for everyone involved? Do you think those changes were a good idea?

What about these changes?


Teleconferences replacing business trips



Changing to an open-plan office


PDF for easy saving and printing: Present Perfect and changes

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