Change the statements about media (Hedging language practice)

Using similar expressions, change some of the statements about media below to make them more realistic. You can start with any you like, and use any other language that seems useful (e.g. changing “media companies” to “large media companies”).

Media companies have too much influence

There is no need for the government to own any media organisations

Media organisations don’t need any government control

Paper newspapers will soon disappear

You shouldn’t trust any journalists

TV programmes are never better than movies

TV news stories are depressing

TV is always bad for kids

Animation is only for kids

Hollywood movies are predictable

There’s no reason for any news coverage of the private lives of any famous people

Japanese media has no influence outside Japan

Foreign media organisations have no influence in Japan

Foreign media organisations will have no influence in Japan in the future

Compare your sentences with another group.

Discuss the last three above, then discuss the questions below.

What influence do Japanese media have outside this country? How does that compare to other countries?

What do you know about British and American media?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Change the statements about the media hedging

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