Subject questions games/ worksheets

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Updated 28 July 2020

Teaching subject questions article

How to teach subject questions (with game ideas)

Photocopiable subject questions classroom activities

Describing festivals and celebrations subject questions practice – NEW

Good and bad subject questions (including taboo topics discussion)

Names of jobs subject questions quiz

Suffixes for describing people subject questions quiz (-er, -or, -ee, -ant, -ist, etc)

Subject question discussion questions

Subject question trivia quizzes

People related to crime subject questions quiz

Subject questions personalised quizzes

Subject questions about this class

Subject questions drawing game (with animals and clothes vocabulary)

Songs, movies and books with subject questions in the title

Who is …ing Present Continuous subject questions dice drawing games

Subject questions guess the person 

Subject questions free speaking

Learning and using English monologues (with subject questions presentation)

Subject and object questions speaking games

Famous Australian people and things subject questions jeopardy games

IELTS Speaking subject questions

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