Recommending places in or near your city

Landmark Advanced Unit 10

A weekend break for people in their late teens

A short break for people in their early teens

A city break for twenty-somethings

A long weekend for a couple in their mid-forties

A dirty weekend/ A romantic getaway/ A honeymoon

A family with a toddler/ small children

A beach holiday/ A sun worshipper

A history buff

A nature lover

Just strolling/ wandering around

A shopaholic/ Retail therapy

A retired couple

A culture vulture

Understanding the culture of your country

Chilling out


People watching

A party animal

A fitness freak

A thrill seeker/ An adrenaline junkie/ An adventure holiday


Town centre/ City centre (= Downtown)

Skyscraper district/ Business district

Museums and art galleries

Amusement parks/ Theme parks/ Fairground

Amusement arcades

Shopping centres (= shopping malls)/ High street/ Shopping areas

Religious buildings (churches, mosques, cathedrals, temples, synagogues, abbeys, monasteries, convents and shrines)

Water features (rivers, lakes, streams, fountains, etc)

Green spaces (parks, gardens, botanical gardens etc)


Zoos, safari parks, aviaries and aquariums

Markets (e.g. street markets, flea markets, or antiques markets)

Historical areas


Hills and mountains

Palaces, forts and castles

City walls

Ceremonial gates

Ceremonies (e.g. changing of the guards)

Stately home/ Mansion/ Manor house

Clock towers


Department stores


Public transport (e.g. cable cars, tram, the underground, double decker buses, shared taxis)



Parliament/ Senate

PM’s or President’s residence

Ferris wheel (= big wheel)

Town hall/ City hall

Theatres, opera houses or concert halls


Bridges (including pedestrian bridges)

Waterfront/ Riverside

Local history museum

Natural wonders/ Nature park/ Nature reserve

Discuss the last type of holiday as a class

Continue discussing adventure holidays with these discussion questions:

– What types of adventure holiday can you think of?

– What ages and types of people enjoy the kinds of holidays you have been talking about?

– Why do you think adventure holidays are becoming more popular?

– Why are beach holidays becoming less popular?

Listen to tapescript 10.1 and write the answers to those questions in the recording


Do the vocabulary and language focus exercises on page 75, then use the phrases below to describe one of the countries below until your partner guesses which one it is.

It’s like…, but not as… as.

I picture it as…

I’d imagine it’s like…

It looks like/ feels like…

It looks as if…

As it’s a very… country, …

If you work as…, you’ll like it.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

As you can… there, it’s suitable for…

If it’s anything like…, it must be…

The perfect age for a holiday here would be…

If your age is…, you’ll love/ hate/ quite like it.

Like…, there is a (famous)…

France                  Italy                      Belgium                Austria

Australia Brazil                    Russia                                Netherlands

Turkey                  Indonesia              Norway                               Switzerland

Greece                  Denmark Argentina                            Ireland

Iceland                  Thailand  Portugal                Czech Republic

Philippines            Egypt                   Vietnam                Croatia

Cuba                    Burma                   Malta                                  Wales

The UK                 Georgia Germany               Northern Ireland

Do the same with the cities below

Cologne  Munich                  Bruges                                Brussels

Florence Geneva                 Venice                                Rome

Paris                     Athens                  Naples                                Turin

Milan                    The Hague            Moscow                Beijing

Prague                  Seville                  Kiev                                    Warsaw



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